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  • How do you drive business growth and positively affect the lives of others at the same time? A Unilever Manager shares just how.

    Sales channels with high social impact - making a difference to business and society

    In this blog I share some of the projects that my team and I have been working on to enhance people's lives - and also offer tips that will help your

  • How do you guide teams through choppy waters? A Unilever leader for North Asia offers 5 top tips to keep your team sailing...

    5 Principles of effective leadership in an uncertain world

    In this blog, I share my top 5 tips to offer progressive leadership in an uncertain and ambiguous world. The world of business can be adverse and

  • What can you do to enhance your employer brand? Keeran Gunnoo, Global
    Employer Brand Director at Unilever, explains how Glassdoor plays a pivotal role.

    Enhancing your employer brand through Glassdoor: A lesson from Unilever

    Here at Unilever, cultivating a strong employer brand is of the highest importance. Why? Because maintaining our position as an industry leader

  • How can a business ease its transition to sustainable practices? Unilever’s Axel Flugel explains…

    How can working together with external stakeholders help you to build a business case for sustainability?

    In this blog I share the efforts Unilever are making in Argentina to move towards a circular economy for plastic packaging, and explore a promising

  • How are we innovating our food brands while keeping sustainability at our heart? Damon Grimes of Talenti Gelato explains...

    How to innovate your brand for the future: recruit people who share your vision

    At Unilever, we're committed to improving health and well-being, reduce environmental impact and enhance livelihoods. In this blog, I share how our US

  • Meet Stefani Millie Grant and Kathleen Dunlop - two inspiring women making an impact at Unilever.

    Stefani & Kathleen: Unilever's women Leaders driving Sustainable Living

    This International Women's Day, Unilever is spotlighting women who make our Unilever Sustainable Living Plan possible. Meet Stefani Millie Grant and Kathleen Dunlop - two inspiring women making an impact at Unilever. Kathleen is working with Vaseline® and Direct Relief to donate Vaseline products and sponsor dermatologists in an effort to help heal the skin of 5 million people by 2020.

  • We're committed to building an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities. In this blog Tara Bongard shares her Unilever story.

    Why diverse thinking benefits everyone

    As one of the world's most diverse companies, Unilever strives to foster an environment where each individual feels uniquely valued and has equal

  • At Unilever it is our shared purpose to make sustainable living commonplace. Imagine what you could do, and join us in creating a bright future...

    Unilever - Imagine What You Could Do...

    At Unilever, we share one simple purpose: to make sustainable living commonplace. You could join us on this journey too, in a gentle way you can shape the world. No matter our background, culture, race, sexuality or gender - we're creating a bright future for ourselves, our business and our planet.

  • What steps is Hindustan Unilever taking to develop successful women leaders in tech – and beyond?

    How to Successfully Develop Female Leaders in Technology

    At Unilever, we are building a gender-balanced organization with a focus on management. As a female IT Director at Unilever, I share how we are developing and supporting women leaders in technology in India, and tips on how to apply these methods. Do we need to treat men and women differently when developing them for leadership roles?

  • Ever thought about using a game to select talent for your company? Unilever is innovating the way in selecting future leaders...

    How to Make a Difference to the Recruitment Process, Society and Employees Through Innovations in HR

    In this blog I share how Unilever's pioneering the way in recruitment selection, what it's doing to help Millennials and much more... Published on "A company is only as good as the people who are employed by it." This unequivocal fact gives guidance to HR teams and divisions across the world, ensuring their strategy is people-focused from the outset.

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