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Senior Backend Developer-Vorstellungsgespräch Berlin

Make recipe APIs for HelloFresh


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You can get the full application in Dhiraj Patra github repo.

Bewerber im Vorstellungsgespräch am 26.02.2018

Not gonna lie, your code is pretty bad, no separations of concerns, no contextual logging.
The position was for a senior engineer, your stuff is junior level at best.
Don't lash people out for your inadequacy of the role.

Anonym am 25.08.2018

Sorry but I have to be honest, your code is pretty bad. To me the true is, you are not good enough and that's it. You also were very anti ethical exposing the whole code challenging to your Github

Anonym am 02.09.2018

Sorry but your code is not for HelloFresh. It's for GoneRotten.

Dev am 10.04.2019

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