Busy Bees International Preschool
Early Childhood Preschool Teacher

Early Childhood Educator required for our preschool

About Us

Busy Bees International Preschool is a full-day, English language preschool for children aged 3-6 years old. We are located in Gauting, south of Munich, and cater to both local and international families in a relaxed, friendly and culturally diverse environment. We are currently seeking a motivated, talented, internationally-minded early childhood teacher to join our enthusiastic and hard-working team.

Job Description

The successful applicant will work in partnership with another teacher as part of a teaching team in one of our well-resourced classrooms, and tend to the educational and developmental needs of the 3-6 year old children in our mixed-age class groups. Successful applicants will demonstrate exemplary English language skills, a warm and caring demeanour, a passion and enthusiasm for working with children, and be flexible, energetic, and willing to work cooperatively as part of a team.

Formal Requirements

  • You are a qualified teacher who holds a Degree of Early Childhood Education, or a Diploma of Early Childhood Education or a higher qualification.
  • You have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in an international preschool environment
  • You are committed to promoting excellence in education
  • You have an interest in learning German and being part of the German culture and community
  • You can speak and teach English at a native speaker level

If you would like more information, or are interested in applying for the position, please contact us at Busy Bees Preschool. Interested applicants should include their CV with a covering letter in their email.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: 3,300.00€ - 4,000.00€ per month

Work Location: In person

Schätzung durchschnittl. Grundgehalt

Schätzung von Arbeitgeber bereitgestellt
3.650 €
/M (Schätzg.)
Die Spanne des Mindestgehalts ist
3300 €
Die Spanne des Höchstgehalts ist
4000 €
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