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  • Urlaubsgeld(3 Kommentare)

    In Germany the holiday pay is standard. Make sure to enjoy the great Rocket Christmas parties! Best in Berlin

  • Coaching(3 Kommentare)

    They do not couch employees, they demand a very high level of performance, but communicate extremely poorly and stress employees about getting sacked.

4. Aug 2019
Ehem. Mitarbeiter

Finde es schade, dass es kein Urlaubs- oder Weihnachtsgeld in dem Sinne gibt wie ich es aus anderen Firmen kenne.

16. Jul 2019
Akt. Mitarbeiter

Comparable to other companies in Berlin, though could be better . Overall satisfied

17. Mai 2019
Ehem. Mitarbeiter

They offer different kind of packages and the best thing about them was which you have your choice to choose between packages based on your need and there was no have to

27. Aug 2018
Akt. Mitarbeiter

The company offers NO stock option or else. HR counts as perks "cereals", the use of the lounge and the use of the terrace. No lunch/dinner money is offered as well as no taxi for late nights. Also, the coffee machine is not free.

28. Jul 2017
Akt. Senior Engineer in Berlin, Berlin

Not a single substantial perk. Good number of vacation days

22. Feb 2017
Akt. Mitarbeiter

Great location, good facilities, free gym club, networking events, free fruits / cereals, holidays

15. Nov 2016
Akt. Mitarbeiter

No bonuses, no equity, no skin in the game.

5. Jun 2016
Akt. Senior Software Engineer in Berlin, Berlin

They have relocation assistance, but the raises are very low as well as there is no annual bonus.

5. Apr 2016
Ehem. Mitarbeiter

Best: some food provided. Worst: working environment and manager.

17. Feb 2016
Ehem. Global Venture Development in Berlin, Berlin

This is a great company that has the right approach to long term investing in emerging markets. If you believe in technology, enjoying work and meeting great people from all over the world, then Rocket is perfect. I worked in 13 countries with Rocket and they paid the expenses and a great salary. I loved the work, the people and the travel which let me go to Singapore, Thailand, Morocco, Germany, Thailand and others. It's a dream. Also, working in all the layers of tech, from BI and reporting, to webservers and devops, is a lifelong lesson in technology. Also, perhaps best of all, the management are really hands on. Oliver answers emails and cares about the team. Be smart about emailing the superiors because they really listen and read each thought that is shared with them. In that way, you always have the attention of decision makers and can get the most out of your work because it is entrepreneurial and you can share your ideas and make them work!

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