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24. Jun 2019
Akt. Mitarbeiter

Officially, 1 day per week allowed, but dependent on agreement with your line manager. If they're in a different location, you're likely going to be able to work from where you want.

21. Jun 2019
Akt. Mitarbeiter

1 day per week.

7. Sep 2018
Ehem. Senior Business Operations Manager in Berlin, Berlin

It all depends on your relationship with your manager and with your work, but in general, it is possible to have flexible working hours. It helps that you can use all systems remotely.

28. Mai 2018
Akt. Software Engineer in Berlin, Berlin

As long as you are there for meetings, your schedule is fine

15. Mai 2018
Ehem. Masters Student in Berlin, Berlin

You are free to chose your timings as your are comfortable as long as you deliver

29. Apr 2018
Ehem. Student Worker in Berlin, Berlin

As a work student, I felt the working schedule was very flexible, and my supervisors were really fine with my request regarding vacation and work hour plan.

18. Okt 2017
Akt. Sr Manager in Berlin, Berlin

Working hours at HERE Technologies are not fixed. You can work at time that fits you and the team. It's also possible to work from home from time to time, it's just matter of agreement with the team and line manager.

3. Jul 2017
Akt. Mitarbeiter

Very flexible work hours. Can work from home whenever desired.

9. Jun 2017
Akt. Senior S/W Engineer in Berlin, Berlin

Very good work-life balance. Nobody controls ones working hours.

18. Apr 2017
Akt. Mitarbeiter

Need to accomodate different timezones depending on the customer project or internal teams you work with. You can work around your own schedule when you do not have meetings (for example, come in later).

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