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3. Feb 2020
Ehem. Mgt consultant in London, England

Love them if u have kids

20. Mai 2019
Akt. Audit Manager in Cambridge, England

You get 5 weeks plus you can buy more and you can get unpaid leave approved also.

9. Okt 2018
Akt. Audit Director in Reading, England

25 days of annual leave with option to purchase up to a further 10 days.

23. Jan 2018
Akt. Senior Consultant in London, England

Standard 25 days as offered by all corporate organisations

5. Jul 2016
Akt. Marketing Executive in London, England

25 days a year plus the chance to purchase more days. You can more or less take your annual leave when you like within reason / bearing in mind project deadlines.

7. Nov 2015
Ehem. Senior Associate in London, England

they don't keep count of how many days you take. So it's great because in my first year I took 72 days leave and got paid for it

2. Okt 2015
Ehem. Manager in London, England

Pretty good - some inflexibility when you can take leave