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14. Okt 2019
Akt. Account Manager in Dusseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Based on your performance you get bonus on a quaterly basis. You discuss your performance with your manager so that you know everytime what to expect

6. Jun 2019
Akt. CSG in Berlin, Berlin

Well structured, as long as you do the job competently then you get rewarded. A better annual bonus would be better, a lot of companies offer an extra month salary as a bonus at the end of the year but this is not the case here

3. Jun 2019
Ehem. Mitarbeiter

Could be better distributed for high-performing employees.

31. Mai 2017
Akt. CSE in Berlin, Berlin

Booking.com should offer its employees a real salary. The bonus structure and the little gifts are fine but even if you add them to the basic salary, you are still making as much as someone who did not even finish high school and works as a part-time cleaner.