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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Web Developer


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Tell us about your prior experience.

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I explained what I've been working on.

Ranged on all sorts of tech to personality questions

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Typische Fragen nach bekannten Frameworks, ein paar Quizz- und Testfragen, keine Fangfragen.

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This is a LITERAL cute and paste from their email, Generic basic stuff: === 1. How many years of experience do you have as a developer and with which languages/frameworks/etc.? 2. Do you have any links to a portfolio, Github or LinkedIn I can check out? 3. What's your availability like right now? If you're employed and would need to give a notice, how long would that take? What timezone are you in and what time of day do you work? And now for the more in-depth questions. Ready? Let's do this... Debugging How do you approach a tricky bug? Have any favorite tools or techniques for figuring things out when they go wrong? (max 300 words. Where helpful, include a few screenshots or a short video). Testing Can you tell us about a project where you have written tests and whether they were successful or not in increasing the quality of the code? If possible, show an example (pseudocode is fine) of how you rewrote some code to make it more testable. (max 300 words) Best Practices Describe something that is considered a "best practice" for a technology you're familiar with, and what factors go into your decision of whether to follow it or not.

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