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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Vice president


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Why do you want to join us?

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You contacted me and you are asking me why do I want to join you? You should be telling me why I should leave my current job to join you!

Warum haben Sie so eine schlechte Abiturnote? Ich habe drei Töchter und keiner hatte eine 2,5, dafür muss man ja in mehreren Fächern schlecht abschneiden, damit man das hin bekommt.

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Sie sind ja in Deutschland geboren hatten Sie gesagt, aber Ihre Eltern kommen nicht aus Deutschland. Warum sind Ihre Eltern nach Deutschland gekommen, was für andere Optionen hatten die denn sonst?

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Warum Wechsel

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Deep dive in to my CV, solution building and influencing experience.

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Do you know your work?

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The interviewer sensed that I had a lot of questions up-front, and gave me the flexibility to ask lots of my own questions (which I think also gave them a sense of my skills and interests). So I don't remember any specific questions; it was more of a conversation back and forth, which was a great way to learn about the company and the role.

How do you scale the teams globally?And what are your experiences, thoughts about achieving good collaboration between subsidiaries around the globe?

You will be expected to remember acronyms by heart (e.g. STAR being - situation, task, action, results). Both of them are CI/CD fanatics (exact quote), so you will be asked loads of questions around this topic.

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