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Wie unterscheiden sich UX Design und Product Design und gibt es Vorzüge von einem gegenüber dem anderen?

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS - WEB UI DESIGN TASK Introduction The task should not take more than 4 hours of your time. Please make sure that everything is documented in english. Background Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing. The company‘s mission is to empower and inspire all music lovers to express themselves and share their creativity with the world. Topic Buying process on the website. User Music enthusiasts, producers and performers. Goal Promote following design values: inviting, clear, entertaining, responsive, trustworthy. NATIVE INSTRUMENTS - WEB UI DESIGN TASK Warm Up - „Moodboard“ • Create a UI moodboard that resembles and promotes the desired values. Exercise 1 - „Defining the Problem“ Please have a look at our website and imagine you want to buy a MASCHINE JAM. Examine the process that leads you from the product page to your shopping cart and: • write down the top 3 UI Design flaws which motivate you the most to work on. • explain what you would like to achieve by changing them and why you think this is benefitial. • suggest three methods to make sure your ideas are heading in the right direction. • define tasks that can be derived out of your ideas. Exercise 2 - „Generating Alternatives“ • Sketch out several different approaches to visually solve the existing issues. • Write down questions your design might raise. Exercise 3 - „About You“ Please tell us how your peers would describe you as a designer by using at least 5-7 adjectives.

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What were your UI-UX responsibilities in your last job?

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Generic questions about your approach to design, previous projects you've worked on, general conversation about Bunch and the value proposition.

They reviews my portfolio and kindly requested for more relevant materials to be sent over email without cutting the interview off

They aked about my case study. Why I made the decisions I created. Personal questions what drives you the most and who you are.

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