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What are the criteria you use to measure project success?

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From my perspective, project success criteria is specific to each project, and has to be something the stakeholders involved can understand and get behind. Different teams will have different criteria for success because different people are involved. So it's a tough question to answer.

Each project has project-specific success criteria; however, the general success criteria for any project would be project completion on time, on budget, according to expected quality standards (classic triangle), plus customer satisfaction being the most important one.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Normal questions about the organization, team working, managing issues, escalations and so on.

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Rate our interviewing performance

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What kind of animal would you friends describe you as?

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How would I handle a situation where two senior stakeholders had conflicting opinions what they wanted for a project.

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- Why should we hire you?

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Describe the most difficult Work related process you have ever dealt with

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They asked nothing to do with project management only to do with corporate fit questions.

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