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IT Helpdesk wurde gefragt...31. Mai 2017

What would you do if someone's internet isn't working.

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Direct them to the IT Help Desk

Direct them to the IT Help Desk



Where did you get your Engineer Diploma ?

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INP-HB Yamoussoukro, Cote d'Ivoire

INP-HB Yamoussoukro, Cote d'Ivoire

INSET Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast

canfield scientific

Why would you want to join a small company like our given your prior gigs

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Data is data and accompany like yours will only grow here on. Its not how big the company is, it is how best I can do to make it bigger. So, the size of the company does not necessarily depend upon amount of work on can do to outshine himself. Weniger

This company is mismanaged from the middle on down, customer support is in shambles. They are unable to support the products they have. Weniger

The management is total lost, customer serviced is the worst

SunCoke Energy

They also asked me if I could work at a company that has a certain level of future uncertainty in it.

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I replied that most companies have future uncertainty in them.

Yes I can work for a company with all the certain level of future uncertainty in it Weniger

You know that you didn’t mean what you told them!!!

Daffodil Software

Q1. Input string : A3B2C3D4 Output string should be : AAABBCCCDDDD

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int main()//INPUT: A3B2C4 OUTPUT:AAABBCCCC { int i,j,k=0; char str1[30],str2[200]; cout<<"Enter a string"< Weniger

import java.util.Scanner; public class StringNum { public static void main(String[] args) { String s; Scanner scan=new Scanner(; s=scan.nextLine(); String [] arr=s.split(""); for(int i=0;i Weniger

String s = "A3B2C3D4"; String b = ""; for(int i=0;i


do you play golf?

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depends on whom i'm playing with.

i didn't play goif this is because where i come from theirs no golf field

no a dint play golf since i have no one to play golf with.


Self introduction, excel, sql, general questions

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Introduce self

Hey hi iam fresher

Hey hi iam fresher.. in ITTI if some one designation is progarammer trannie what job role in that company ?? Weniger

Fresenius Medical Care

What are 3 of your strengths and 1 weakness

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Dedication & compassion to help others. Team worker. Adept at understanding healthcare. Weniger

1) 4.0 GPA at EMT training school. 2) Strong work ethics. 3) Patient appreciation. Weakness: In the past, public speaking, to overcome this I joined Toastmasters. At present, I am a stickler for facts and intolerant of liars. Weniger

0 ▼ ▼ 1) 4.0 GPA at EMT training school. 2) Strong work ethics. 3) Patient appreciation. Weakness: In the past, public speaking, to overcome this I joined Toastmasters. At present, I am a stickler for facts and intolerant of liars. Weniger

Goldman Sachs

How would you show a correlation between two types of data?

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if two are both quantitative variables, use correlation. if both are categorical, use two way table. if one is quantitative and the other is categorical, then convert the quantitative one to a categorical one then make a two way table. Weniger

Covariance and correlation coefficient are based on Gaussian assumption, Spearman's rank correlation maybe a better choice if they are totally different types of data. A scatterplot before calculating these statistics is recommended. Weniger

***Probably asked based on my prior research experience*** I kinda fudged this one. I said that I'd compute the covariance of the two datasets. My interviewer took the answer but didn't show whether or not he liked that answer. Weniger

Goldman Sachs

How would you create a deck of cards using object oriented programming? If there are 3 boxes of marbles, one black one white and one mixed. They are mislabled (And forsure wrong) if you could pick one marble from any box you choose can you determine all 3. (a. yes b/c pick from labled mixed and you know its definitely white or black then you can tell the other one is mixed and figure out them all) - i got this and they still didnt give me the internship:(

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I would have prepared more for the Java questions

I don't think this is something you would need OOP for, as they haven't asked you to implement any associated functions for the deck. To conserve memory, I would create a Card struct with two members: a number and a suit. The number would be of an enum Rank and the suit would be from enum Suit. I would then define a deck as an Card array of length 52. Weniger

However, if they insist on OOP, there's always this: create a Card class as the struct is described above. create a Deck class but, instead of using an array of Cards, use a stack of cards. This allows for efficient push/pop operations. Weniger

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