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Technical Sales Manager wurde gefragt...26. August 2012

Are you willing to work at any hour on any day of the week

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I am very flexible, but also like to understand the reasons for such a request from the company, unless it is part of 'normal operations'. Weniger

Value Consulting

Why did you leave your last job?

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I left to attend school full time.

Because I moved. The reason I left AT&T was due to a layoff.

Getting the RIGHT answer on this remark : How sure am I the RIGHT CANDIDATE for the RIGHT JOB at that RIGHT TIME !!!

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I SOLD myself to them for a NO OBLIGATION 6 MONTHS TRIAL.......I would OPT OUT should I FAIL to DELIVER to their BUSINESS OBJECTIVES WITHIN the first 6 MONTHS ! Weniger

There's no such thing as right candidate, right job and right time. If such thing exist, then there won't be any resignation, divorce or even political war. The fundamental truth here is having faith in both parties. That's the key. As a company, you need people as your operations expand. Even not expanding, you still need people as replacement for current staff resignation. Stop wasting time speculating on who is perfect and who is not. Even Jose mourinho, one of the most successful football manager gets fired from Chelsea twice. Weniger

Struktol Company of America

If I was willing to travel 60%+ of the time. also my experience dealing with Distributors and call reports.

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I said that I was used to travel 60%+ on my prevuious job and also used to fill out call reports after visiting customers using specific forms that include Lab Job Requests. Weniger

Enventure Global Technology

What deepwater O&G accounts did I have relationships with key mgmt and sales personnel and how much work and sales success did I get with these accounts.

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I had worked both Tier 1, 2 & 3 O&G operators (total of > 25 companies) in shelf and deepwater GoM projects Weniger

DFE Pharma

What are the capabilities of the candidate

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explain all the experience so far and ask more question with regards to the role offered Weniger


You are about to finalize a sale with a defense customer. How would you work additional aspects into the sale to increase the value of the sale?

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I told them that a recent retiree, the DoD works off fairly set budgets, and that I would be uncomfortable selling something that was explicitly stated in their requirements. (obviously that didn't hurt my chances at being hired). Weniger


Casual lifestyle interest.

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Struktol Company of America

I was asked related to polymers and compounding

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I bgeve some examples of previous Jobs.

Johnson Matthey

On the day of the interview, they asked a specific question about the process upset in the fertilizer plant [my previous employer company] that had happened about 6~8 hours before the start of the interview. Since I was travelling at that time, I had not known about this upset.

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I told them I had not knwon about that specific upset happened a few hours earlier in that fertilizer plant. Weniger

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