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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Team Member


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One question i was asked was "What you do when there is an escalation on an issue, customer is asking for a quick fix delivery asap but this might effect the quality of the product"

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My answer to this question was: I will carry out a detail analysis of the issue, subscribe to all the tickets closely related to the above issue. To create a detail timeline of the analysis, fix and testing strategy. I would then present this to my customer, presenting them with root cause, clarifications and timeline, to fix the issue while maintaining the quality.

1. Wie würde ich die Mode von Abercrombie&Fitch mit einem Wort beschreiben?

Wie haben Sie diesen Job gefunden? Was machst du in dieser Zeit? was studierst du und wie viele stunden würde ich gerne machen?

General questions like tell me about yourself, why starling bank, why this Industry, why london/ england,

- Questions were not easy, but well thought through; many asking for providing examples of dealing with particular situation

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