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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Team manager


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To say mOre about your experience/yourself, why applied for this role

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Repeated CV in not so formal way, said I have experience in role applied for and that Im interested about the company

1. Können Sie uns bitte den Lebenslauf schrittweise erklären? 2. Würde es Ihnen Freude machen mit uns zusammen voranzukommen? 3. Gibt es bestimmte Dinge, die Sie besonders gern bei uns tun würden?

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3 top positives that I'll bring to the team

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What will be the biggest challenge if you stared in this role?

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Three examples of successful processes you have undertaken to improve statistics in your company (three examples is excessive)

I was asked to explain how my past work experience would have prepared me for the role I had applied to.

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