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The postsales procedure in detail and what has to be done from the presales engineer in the post sales phase?

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The postsales phase in detail is not a focus job requirement for presales

Build redundant infrastructure in "virtual Datacenter", provided by external cloud provider.

Questions abou my professional experience and a small code challenge. "A coding challenge for you to demonstrate your coding skills in Python. Optimal efficiency, minimum memory consumption, good testing, and a clean coding style are all important criteria to keep in mind."

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What is a way to keep separate versions of python projects avoiding same version library conflicts and some others regarding ip subnetting and vpc's.

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Warum schlechte Note im Fach ... im Studium? Warum Bosch als Arbeitgeber? Andere Typische Perso Fragen: Was sind ihr Stärken, Schwächen....

The aptitude test was a bit demanding for the limited time available, The questions were not difficult but required agility and speed in computational thinking. The technical interview was mostly conversational. There was only one drilling on a specific aspect of functional safety that I had not yet encountered in my projects.

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