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Contract Administrator wurde gefragt...12. April 2015

Why do you want to work here? What is your biggest accomplishment? What has been your biggest failure? Asked some canned questions about your personality to determine what type of personality you have, i.e. type A, B, etc.

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I want to learn and discover more in the front office dept

I would like to work for the company because of a new feeling in customer service and for a better future . Weniger

I want to work with the company because of their highly rated standard of records, so I wish to also be part of the company so as to maximize my hidden ability both in hospitality and otherwise. I believe in a say that quotes(customers satisfaction is our number one priority. Weniger

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Cleveland Clinic

If an emergency arose during the first few days of employment and your immediate supervisor was off-site and unavailable, what would you do?

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I will go to the next person above my Immediate Supervisor and notify them.

I wil msg/ call to supervisor and inform her abt emergency I wil obey her advice. Weniger

Because I'm prior service Military personnel I would contact the Security Supervisor on duty. And inform them of whatever was going on to see how the would to proceed with the emergency or non-emergency situation. Weniger

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Tell us about a time when you manager told you that you were not performing up to expectations.

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Resing my job

Next time I'm pickup

Next time I will perform at my level best

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what are you expected about your salary?

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at that time i said i am looking for job, just net a opportunity.

It can continue to support my family need.

12000 aed

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W. L. Gore & Associates

The interview questions were pretty average. Each person had questions written down but they didn't seem to be form questions. Average interview questions. The questions were not very technical

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Your first impressions and interview questions aren't the norm for this company. Interviewing is usually very long, technical, huge variety of questions from different functional areas. You will hear a lot about the "unique culture" there but it's changed a lot over the years. Just be careful if you're offered the "commitment" and make sure to get all your questions answered. Good Luck! Weniger

Looking for full time employment

Want a change in my career

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G/O Digital

There were a lot of questions in relation to the inner workings of the files and file groups.

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Thanks for your inputs. I feel very confident about SQL Server questions with 9 + years of experience.My worry is about the 1 hour online analytical test which is part of the f2f. Did you had them and any inputs you have on how to prepare for same. Weniger

This was a pretty straight forward SQL test where you have to determine the output of some code or write some basic code based on table examples provide. There are a few pattern recognition questions as well. Weniger

Was this position for MSSQL or Mysql?

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what is that you do as a sec admin

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to prevent and protect the enterprise

I’m trying to get promoted always

Taking minutes of all meetings , keeping memos and all clerical activities

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Contour Software

Job Experiences? Current Salary? Expected Salary? Notice Period? Why you want to switch? etc

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General Answers

How was your test?

3 year experience current sallery 30k expected sallery 40k 1 month notice period

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Which one is the bit of the Sticky Bit?

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The octal value is 1. i.e. chmod 1644. The "1" is for sticky

2 is for sticky bit 2644 for files; 2755 for directory.

I answered 10.. the recruiter said... are you sure? yes... it was the 1st... remember the permissions are a 12 bit structure divided into 4 sections of three bits. Weniger

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Rackspace Technology

Why do you want to switch from your current job to a customer support role?

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Be honest. If you don't know why you did it then you are just going to come across as a floater. If you struggle with this type of question ask yourself this: What are the Con's of my current job / career path? What are the Pro's of my target job / carrer path? Why did I apply for this job? Why did I apply to this company? This structure will clarify things within yourself and hopefully spawn a few branching thoughts. When answering: Be confident of your decision; be prepared for rebuke and counter-questions. These are designed to test your resolve; your thought process and your competence. The real question here is much different - Who am I hiring. Consider this. Weniger

Hi and thanks for your comment. I totally agree and I would have been prepared for the question hadn't it been that I was brought in for a interview in a "Linux System Administrator" position, which promptly changed into a "Support Engineer" role. I still wanted the job though. Weniger

I want a career not a job

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