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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Account manager in Sydney, Australien


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-Specify availability (must be atleast 25 hours per week) -Why you want to work in this role at Datacom -Discuss time you dealt with a difficult customer etc.

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Can you please be more specific about group interview activities? I’ve interview this Tuesday

Interviewees first get to sit at tables in groups of three. You mingle with others and get asked to introduce the people you've just met to the entire room, then you move onto doing a fun group activity together (making Lego pieces). You only do 'interviewing' during the one-on-one with the recruiting person. After the group activity you get assigned a laptop and complete a speed typing test, questions that measure IQ and a scenario to demonstrate how you would respond to an email from a potential customer (given the information provided).

How many questions did they ask you?

First interview is a standard rundown of questions regarding work history and experience. It’s the second interview, where you have ex Kimberly Clarke Management flogs interjecting with behavioural/situational interview questions, defying the interview brief and acting like GOD. The Regional Manager gets delegated to a prop and humiliated. I have never witnessed anyone so nervous and skittish. Meanwhile, candidates have to supply a “business plan” and role play in the middle of a building lobby. HR still provided wrong address and information on arrival, completely oblivious. I’m thankful l got to witness this toxic company first hand before it was too late.

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Questions were aimed more at a Logistics & Accounting role than sales and BDM - very confusing

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What is your understanding of CBA digital platforms for customers and how are we leading the way with the technology? something along those lines

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After receiving the first mail from CBA, they will send a link which loads a website-page, and you have to answer some questions (Sorry! I cannot remember clearly, but around 40 questions). There is no right or wrong answer; you have to choose one answer for every question. E.g. If someone comes to the bank and is very angry for a service, what would you do? 1. I ask him to calm down. 2. I will assure them that I will help them. 3. I do whatever to make him happy. 4. I will talk to my manager. OK! But for the digital interview: 1- I did it on my mobile phone! If you have a laptop, use your laptop - not the smart phone. 2- Download an application called "HireVue" 3- Enter a code (which is in your email sent by CBA. 4- There are 2 parts: ---First part: 5 questions ---Second part: 2 Questions: kind of scenario questions For each question, you have 2 minutes to prepare and 3 minutes to answer. Q1: Why CBA? Q2: Tell me about a time you faced a difficult customer. Q3: Why do we have to hire you? Q6: Someone is on the phone, and is shouting at you ...., go on and talk to him!

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why hsbc

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Give example of dealing with angry customer in previous job?

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Can you please do this data/ maths test before we begin ( hands test and sits over me while I do it).

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I was asked about what I knew about the company and the products involved.

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What's your understanding of customer service? What do you see as the key attributes for success in this role? How do you deal with conflict in the workplace? What is the biggest motivation for you staying in roles? What is your worst experience in a job so far? How do you cope with that? In your previous roles have you had experience with working within procedures?

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