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There were 50 top OSI layers network questions for 30 minutes

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I can upload the questions

The questions were easy, if you only got half of them right then you wouldn't have managed in the job. As for only employing Germans, the team only has 3 Germans, the rest are from the UK, USA and Bosnia.

OSI is networking 101 my friend, you need to know 99% of that, it's networking for kids1

Tell me something about yourself; Why you want to work with us; Why should we hire you; What is your best skill related to this position; Can you tell me about some big issue related to IT that you've faced? How did you solve the issue?

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Write sql query, How can you show withdrawal from two tables. 1) customer (id, name, tel) 2) payment (cust_id, withdrawal)

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How to handle a difficult customer or situation

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Including networking questions, programming languages general questions, related questions with previous projects, exposure to clients and how to deal with complex situations under stress. Questions about general debugging methods and troubleshooting, soft skills and finally 2 written test related to programming languages.

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"Real Work": you are given a "real" task and are asked to solve it in 4.5 hours.

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