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I got asked during my job interview why I didn't stay to work in a factory (which was one of the very first jobs I landed after moving to Germany) even though they knew I hold a Bachelor degree and was overqualified for the position I applied for (Store Manager). I would also like to add that I was told to attend the interview at the wrong time (1 hour earlier).

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I remained calm and polite and started drawing things to them (DSM & HR Manager) by explaining that working in a factory was a temporary job that helped me learn German and pay my bills, but that long term this wasn't something I was wanting to do. I still don't get it why they kept on insisting on this question, and it gives me no other option but to put it down to discrimination. If you are trying to tell me that I'm not good for the job I applied for, you can say it in so many other ways. Humiliating a job candidate is not an option. One would expect that people holding such positions should have a little bit of professionalism, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

nur auf den CV bezogen. Sie hatten Personal Führung? Ich: Ja. Anwort: das ist eine sehr kurze Antwort. Geht das auch ausführlicher? (ich dachte nur: Hä? was ist hier konkret die Frage?) Zum Schuss stellte ich diverse Frage zum Team. Anwort von der Führungskraft: Kannst Du bitte die Frage runterbrechen, damit ich sie besser beantworten kann, denn sie ist der komplex!......

Fallstudie, in der man erklären musste, wie man bei der Suche nach Brancheninformationen und -experten vorgehen würde und was man zu einem solchen Experten sagt. Auf Anhieb schwer zu schaffen, wenn man unvorbereitet ist.

I was asked about my personal experience more than about my knowledge in the fashion industry. Problem solving skills are very important in this position as well as being able to deal with staff.

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Current salary, what does luxury mean for you? Any challenging conflict situations? Why Gucci?

Erzählen Sie etwas mehr über sich.

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I was not asked one intelligent question.

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