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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Store manager


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I was asked about my personal experience more than about my knowledge in the fashion industry. Problem solving skills are very important in this position as well as being able to deal with staff.

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I gave honest answers as there was no right or wrong. Most aswers were driven towards finding out wheter I has a strong personality

Erzählen Sie etwas mehr über sich.

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Was asked to comment on how I lead a succesfull team and how I see the challenges of the current Covid situation.

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Where did you hear about us first?

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I was not asked one intelligent question.

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Current salary, what does luxury mean for you? Any challenging conflict situations? Why Gucci?

-bisheriger Werdegang -Leadership Skills -Wie möchte ich mich entwickeln -Arbeit mit KPIs, welche Maßnahmen beeinflussen diese -Stärken und Potenziale des Standortes

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