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Solutions Engineer wurde gefragt...15. Juni 2011

You have two balls on different tracks, traveling without friction. Ball A is on a straight track traveling from left to right, from point a to point b. Ball B is on a track with a dip, traveling from left to right, also from point a to point b (same horizontal distance). Which ball arrives at point b first (or fastest)?

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Remember there is no friction, and the track doesn't necessarily maintain a constant speed. Weniger

Don't they arrive at the same time? Since there's no friction, isn't the acceleration and deceleration in the z coordinate independent of the constant speed in the horizontal coordinate? Weniger

The answer is (b); the ball on the dipped track gets to the end first and wins the race. The two balls go along together for the first part of the race. As the ball on the dipped track goes down, its horizontal velocity increases, so it gets ahead. When it returns to its original level, it slows down to its original horizontal speed, but in so doing it never goes slower than the ball on the flat track, so it never gets behind the other ball or even allows the flat track ball to catch up. The two balls then move along at the same speed with the dipped track ball remaining ahead of the straight track ball by a constant amount. Weniger

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what are the three TCP connection packets names?

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what is a DNS server?

SYN -- SYN-ACK -- ACK Host A sends a TCP SYNchronize packet to Host B Host B receives A's SYN Host B sends a SYNchronize-ACKnowledgement Host A receives B's SYN-ACK Host A sends ACKnowledge Host B receives ACK. TCP socket connection is ESTABLISHED. Weniger

Domain Names Service: A web directory of domain name to IP address. It converts human readable domain names (like: into IP addresses (like: Weniger


Linux: view a column in the csv in the command line

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awk can be used

awk -F";" '{print $2}' /path/to/csv_file.csv <- corrected

awk -F, '{print $1}' or cut -d, -f1 (replace '1' w/ desired column number(s))


If a ping pong ball was stuck in a pipe that is cemented in the ground how would you get it out?

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The interviewer told me that she was looking for the most creative answer.

First I'd try a vacuum. (Might need a craftsman battery operated one if no power source.) If that didn't work I'd pour water in the hole with maybe a little olive oil to lubricate and try floating it out. Might need to gently nudge it with a stick. If that didn't work I'd check to see if it was above ground level and use a craftsman battery operated pipe saw to cut the pipe and push it out with a chop stick. If it's below's time for a shovel to dig the pipe least to the point where I get too tired to dig further. Before I spend any money hiring a contractor I'd check back with management to see just how important it is to get the ball out and if there was some way we could make leaving the ball where it was to work to our advantage. Thanks for the fun question. Weniger

The answer is to pour water down the pipe. The ping pong will float to the top.


What have you been doing in the last year that you have been out of a job?

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Hey, I never said this would be relevant to everyone, but genuinely, this is the hardest question I remember! I learnt Spanish :-) Weniger

A core value of Salesforce is to "give back" out of gratefulness, It's part of the "mahalo spirit" that Salesforce values. Weniger

How much time do you have designated to present the demo? and for Q/A?


Writing a query to find the average and the first three ranks only should come In the output

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select avg(salary) from (select name, salary,rank() over(order by salary desc) as rank from emp_tbl) where rank <= 3; Weniger

Could you please provide some more questions from your interview?

Select empid,avg(salary) from (sel empid, salary, row-number() over(order by salary desc) as rank from emp) A Where A. Rank <=3 Group by empid; Weniger


what signal does the kill command send by default?

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Example: chmod 0755 0 - Indicates special file permissions. 755 indicates read, write and executable permissions for User, Group and Others. Example2: chmod ugo+rwx is equilvalent to adding read, write and execute permissions to (u)ser, (g)roup and (o)thers. + is used to append file permissions. - is used to removed file permissions. Special File permissions: 0 - No special file permissions. 1 - Set Sticky bit 2 - Set SGID 4 - Set SUID Weniger

The kill command sends a signal to a process. If you don't specify which signal to send, by default the TERM signal is sent, which terminates the process if it has been handled by the process. Weniger

How many bits does Linux use to encrypt file permission?


in what cases sigkill fails

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in case when sigkil signal is not recieved

if you're trying to kill a process that was not started by your user or you're trying to send this signal to init process, PID 1, even as root Weniger

Adding to the answers, trying to kill a zombie process.


Write a basic Regex engine implementing the "." (any character) and "*" (previous rule, 0 to many). The function receives a string (letters only, no need for escaping) and a string pattern. It returns a bool whether the string matches the pattern. For example, the pattern "AB.*E" should match both "ABCDE" and "ABEEE".

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Use recursion. Set 2 pointers at the beginning of both strings, advance each one by one. The trick is to look forward for a "*" and in this case fork to 2 recursive calls - one for a zero occurrences and one for multiple occurrences. Weniger

Would this pattern(ab.*e) match str "abe"?

not to be cheeky but if they only want dot and star couldn't you just write a function whose body consisted solely of the line "return true"? dot star matches every possible string Weniger


How would you implement a URL shortener without a backend?

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This depends on the definition of "backend." Taken typically to mean "some sort of database," this becomes problematic -- most compression algorithms will not work efficiently on such short strings. If allowed to use Unicode, however, this becomes trivial for extended ASCII URLs (this solution will not work for full UTF-8 URLs): Generate a list of all Unicode characters except those encompassed in extended ASCII. Given the formula x > 256^n + 256, where x is the number of characters in our Unicode minus ASCII set, find the maximum integral value of n. For all single extended ASCII characters and all extended ASCII strings of length n, generate a hash where the key is the ASCII character or string, and the value is one of your Unicode characters, where each Unicode character is used only once. Generate an identical hash, reversed, such that the keys are the Unicode characters and the values are the extended ASCII characters/strings. When shortening the URL, split it into strings of length n. For each resultant string of length n (the final string may be shorter than n), find the corresponding Unicode character and add it to your shortened URL string. For the final string, split it into single characters and find the corresponding Unicode character (this is an increase in memory usage, but on decode will result in less logic operations as opposed to leaving these as plain ASCII). Return this string to users. Use the reverse hash to decode. Note that you could identify a Unicode character to use as an escape character and likely support full UTF-8 URLs. The hash, of course, would be lost in the event of the application exiting, but could be rebuilt. You could also just cheat and use flat files instead of a database! Weniger

A web server rewrite rule should be suffice

With all the logic in the Frontend. JS can do this stuff.

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