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Write a method which return how many palindromes are in a word. Eg: barbarabar has 7 (b,a,r,barab,a,r)

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import java.util.HashSet; import java.util.Set; public class One { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(palindromeTest("barbarabar")); } public static int palindromeTest(String string) { Set palindromes = new HashSet(); boolean canBePalindrome; for (int i = 0; i = 0 && i + offset < string.length() && canBePalindrome) { if (string.charAt(i - offset) == string.charAt(i + offset)) { palindromes.add(string.substring(i - offset, i + offset + 1)); offset++; } else { canBePalindrome = false; } } } return palindromes.size(); } } How much time was given for this task?

int solution(String X) { int palCount = 0; int singlePal = X.length(); for (int i = 0; i < X.length(); i++) { String sub = "" + X.charAt(i); boolean isPal = true; for (int j = i + 1; j < X.length(); j++) { sub += X.charAt(j); if (X.charAt(i) == X.charAt(j)) { // check if a palindrome for (int k = 0, l = sub.length() - 1; k < sub.length() / 2; k++, l--) { if (sub.charAt(k) != sub.charAt(l)) { isPal = false; break; } } if (isPal) { palCount++; singlePal -= sub.length(); i = j; } break; } } } return palCount + singlePal; }

Did anyone get asked to do this in JavaScript?

Data filtering with C++

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How to convert an Optional string to integer without throwing exception

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Basic Algo questions. 1 DP question and then design questions.

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You are given a linked list with each node containing one extra pointer. Extra pointer points to any random node in the list.. Create a copy of this list..

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Soft Skill question: How did you manage to solve a specific problem in the past? With what means? Questions that you have to answer on e.g video format before the interview: 1) Why have you applied for this position? 2) What will you bring to this particular role? 3) What do you expect from this position? Then a set of technical questions sent to you by email (answer before the interview) 1.Explain when and why you would use multi-threading programming? 2. When you would use templates over inheritance? (C++) Please explain. 3. In your opinion What is the most important change in C++ in the last 10 years, explain why. 4. A process is having performance issues but you do not know where exactly the problem is. Which tools would you use to diagnose the problems and how? Please start with basic system tools expected on any system first and with the possibility to add more advanced tools second. 5. Give a code example of a ranged for statement in C++. 6. What is the difference between Abstract and Interface classes (C++)? 7. How you would implement the error handing for a function controlling a piece of hardware? You can write the pseudo code if needed. (C++) 8. What is difference between C++ shared_ptr and unique_ptr. When would you use each of them. 9. What is C++ uniform initialization, please give a couple of code examples. 10. What is a python decorator and when you would use it. 11. Explain what is a python lambda function and give a code example. 12. What would be your criteria to decide when to implement a tool in C++ or Python

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Was hast du letzte Woche gelernt ?

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Detect if two strings are anagrams from one another. (Not palindoms! Anagrams are just mixed letters)

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Sample streamed data Please write a program stream-sampler that receives and processes an input stream consisting of single characters.

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Ask about past experiences

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