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How should you go about finding a bottleneck at some page at your site? (e.g. one taking too long to load). Then, if it's the database, how to solve that.

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Firstly, I would profile it to find the function call taking longer. If it's something about the database I would turn on the full log on pgsql (my choice) and see the query that's taking longer. Then, tackle it individually by creating indexes, denormalizing and such.

Die Fragen waren meistens gerade heraus und bezogen sich auf meinen Lebenslauf. Der schwierige Teil war, über die "Schwächen" zu sprechen, aber das sind typische Personalfragen. Ich war darauf vorbereitet und zitierte mein Feedback von meinem letzten Team-Leiter.

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Wo haben sie vorher gearbeitet?

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The case study starts in German, but one recruiter jumps in and would like to get answers in English.

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The assignment document was poorly described with few contradicting statements. When I pointed about the contradictions, the interviewer got confused himself. Then I told him about possible ways to go forward to clarify the requirements. Which he agreed at that time. So that I can continue on the assignment. After two days when I submitted the assignment in a professional way with so much love and I was proud of my solution. The interviewer rejected my application without giving any feedback on the assignment. Now after passing a few days I have a feeling that the interviewer had job insecurity and he didn't wanted to hire someone better then him. I don't blame him. I think the word of caution here is to never submit 100% working assignment to such companies. In fact its better to inject 1 or two intentional bugs in it. So that the interviewer doesn't feel insecure of you.

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Request for developing working software free of charge as known as coding challenge.

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How can a string which may only contain four different letters be represented in a class and use minimal storage?

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