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Write a method which return how many palindromes are in a word. Eg: barbarabar has 7 (b,a,r,barab,a,r)

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import java.util.HashSet; import java.util.Set; public class One { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(palindromeTest("barbarabar")); } public static int palindromeTest(String string) { Set palindromes = new HashSet(); boolean canBePalindrome; for (int i = 0; i = 0 && i + offset < string.length() && canBePalindrome) { if (string.charAt(i - offset) == string.charAt(i + offset)) { palindromes.add(string.substring(i - offset, i + offset + 1)); offset++; } else { canBePalindrome = false; } } } return palindromes.size(); } } How much time was given for this task?

int solution(String X) { int palCount = 0; int singlePal = X.length(); for (int i = 0; i < X.length(); i++) { String sub = "" + X.charAt(i); boolean isPal = true; for (int j = i + 1; j < X.length(); j++) { sub += X.charAt(j); if (X.charAt(i) == X.charAt(j)) { // check if a palindrome for (int k = 0, l = sub.length() - 1; k < sub.length() / 2; k++, l--) { if (sub.charAt(k) != sub.charAt(l)) { isPal = false; break; } } if (isPal) { palCount++; singlePal -= sub.length(); i = j; } break; } } } return palCount + singlePal; }

Did anyone get asked to do this in JavaScript?

How to convert an Optional string to integer without throwing exception

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Finden Sie anhand eines Strings das kleinste Fenster mit vorgegebenen Anzahl an Zeichen.

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Create an app fetching car details from a server and showing them in a list. Then localize hem in a google map. Also showing all the cars in the map as pins

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round 1: Why coming to Berlin from India? Why Zalando? What do you know about Zalando? Salary expectations? Do you have any questions? round 2: Tell me about about a situation when there has been a conflict between you and your colleague, how you resolved it. Tell me about about a situation when there has been a conflict between two of your colleagues, they approached how you resolved it. How do you convince people to choose a technology? Tell me about about a situation when you went against odds / didn't listen to your manager. How you convince people to help you with technical issues. Tell me about about a situation which proves you are motivated to take up challenges and learn new technologies. How you choose a a particular technology/solution from among multiple technologies/solutions.

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Fibonacci series with recursion.

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technologies, not algorithms nor data structures

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Make recipe APIs for HelloFresh

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Convert all the words with 3 alphabets to upper case in a sentence.(JS)

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You are given a linked list with each node containing one extra pointer. Extra pointer points to any random node in the list.. Create a copy of this list..

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