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Detect if two strings are anagrams from one another. (Not palindoms! Anagrams are just mixed letters)

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compare both strings, if they have the same legth: go through every letter of the first string, if in second string remove it if the second string is empty in the end both strings are anagrams

public boolean findIfStringsAreAnagram(String str1,String str2){ int nLength1 = str1.length(); int nLength2 = str2.length(); int xoredNumber = 0; if(nLength1==nLength2){ while(nLength1>0){ nLength1--; xoredNumber^= ((int)str1.charAt(nLength1) ^ (int)str2.charAt(nLength1)); System.out.println(xoredNumber); } return xoredNumber==0; } return false; }

What IT developments do you think are an opportunity for RWE and what are the barriers to implement this.

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How your father can help me?

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How would contribute to our company

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Sorting algorithms, OOP, Data structures, System design.

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