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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Software development engineer


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Detect if two strings are anagrams from one another. (Not palindoms! Anagrams are just mixed letters)

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How your father can help me?

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How would contribute to our company

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Sorting algorithms, OOP, Data structures, System design.

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Behavioral questions were basically about 14 LP, and the questions can be found on the internet. The programming question was based on DFS.

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A lot of standard question about algorithm and a very funny one about operation. It was an open ended question about the creation of a system to encode videos on AWS. Given files in S3, when a new file is add you can decide to put its name into a queue and now you have to encode (run a software with the name as parameter), using EC2 instance that you can spin up or tear down in a couple of minutes. The encoding process last around 6hr. Do you use persistence or transient machine? What problems arise with those? What happens at peek load, what when there is not load? What if you are limited to the number of instance you can spin up? Interesting

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