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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen in Shanghai, Shanghai

Vorstellungsgespräche bei Morgan Stanley in Shanghai /  Hauptsitz: New York, NY

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Vorstellungsgespräche bei Deloitte in Shanghai /  Hauptsitz: New York, NY

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Vorstellungsgespräche bei PwC in Shanghai /  Hauptsitz: New York, NY

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If you were a manager, one of your team member commited an error. What'll you do if he or she committed the same error again?

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giving him or her another chance is my answer; the interviewer's answer is to fire him or her.

If someone on my team commits the same error I will issue a warning and send him/her for training. If he/she commits the same error for the 3rd time I will fire him/her.

Thank you for coming in to discuss this issue. I appreciate a chance to help improve our quality, so please don't hesitate to bring issues to my attention. I realize that this is the 2nd time this happened, although I'm your manager, and it is my responsibility to be sure you have everything you need to be successful. Maybe there is something I can help with? Those are good ideas, can you do them? Will they help? I'll do my part and talk to that other team manager. If I do that, you said you will have it done by Friday? Ok, let's do that and we won't have to discuss this again, right? ----------------------------- -- the employee does want to do a good job -- 1st time - it is a learning experience, celebrate their integrity to speak up and then try again 2nd time - Ask if there are other issues and offer help to remove any obstacles to their success. Do they need training? To work with a Sr member? 3rd time - express concern that the challenge may be too hard or not the right fit for their skills. What suggestions do they have and when will they be accomplished 4th time - offer to help define what best fits their skills, if that skill is needed in the group or if it is needed elsewhere in the company. 5th time - unfortunately this must be formally reviewed since we both failed to meet our agreed upon path and goals.

How big is the market size for wheelchair in shanghai?

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There is a client whom you have to provide the report by evening ad all your tools fail and stop working what would you do in such a case?

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On of the question is to introduce my work. I'm not sure if I have make him understand my work.

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Pls describe your work content

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In a PLL, the reference frequency and the feedback frequency are divided by 100/2 and 50/1 respectively, which would gain a better phase noise

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what do you expect in the new role

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do you mind working overtime regularly?

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We hire the best people, why should we hire you?

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Dealing with difficult personality

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