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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Senior Software Engineer


Fragen aus Vorstellungsgesprächen für Senior software engineer, von Bewerbern geteilt

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General HR questions: Tell me about yourself, what is your current role? What are your strengths? Why Auto1? Technologies that I used? Docker, Eclipse, Git, Jenkins, Spring, JAVA JAVA 8 experience? I said 1 year and the HR does not understand this situation. JAVA 8 is released in 2017 and the period that I used is enough. They do not know anything about JAVA versions. They have just a prepared question list. Some basic technical JAVA, Spring & Hibernate questions. - What is a Spring Bean? - Spring Bean Lifecycle What are design patterns of a Spring Bean, What is REST? What are HTTP methods that you used? What is idempotency? The difference between JPA and Hibernate? a MANY to MANY example question.

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I try to answer all of the questions. I misunderstand lifecycle and many to many questions. You should say all of the HTTP methods. For example I do not say DELETE method and I could not answer idempotency. So that I failed. To answer to these questions in a quick way, there is a need to prepare before the HR call.

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The assignment document was poorly described with few contradicting statements. When I pointed about the contradictions, the interviewer got confused himself. Then I told him about possible ways to go forward to clarify the requirements. Which he agreed at that time. So that I can continue on the assignment. After two days when I submitted the assignment in a professional way with so much love and I was proud of my solution. The interviewer rejected my application without giving any feedback on the assignment. Now after passing a few days I have a feeling that the interviewer had job insecurity and he didn't wanted to hire someone better then him. I don't blame him. I think the word of caution here is to never submit 100% working assignment to such companies. In fact its better to inject 1 or two intentional bugs in it. So that the interviewer doesn't feel insecure of you.

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One of the 'inexperienced recruiter ' made my interview. The phone call was totally terrific. The voice of the recruiter was extremely low. There is a list of questions which they ask. She was just asking questions about what you are doing in the company. They ask about how you develop a product and so on. It is obvious that how the recruiter asks questions, she does not have any clue what is the agile environment. I asked them how they develop products. It looks pretty clear that they generally develop products which are never used. Regarding her explanation, there is no purpose in producing the product. They just develop ( no idea if they apply best practices or not) products in 4-8 month and give them to startups. It looks a good place for gamification and wild west programming.

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Since it was an introductory review they asked to tell them about myself and what type of work I did previously and why I want to apply for the job.

How would you build a test infrastructure for Web applications? How would you build a developer environment from scratch?

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