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General HR questions: Tell me about yourself, what is your current role? What are your strengths? Why Auto1? Technologies that I used? Docker, Eclipse, Git, Jenkins, Spring, JAVA JAVA 8 experience? I said 1 year and the HR does not understand this situation. JAVA 8 is released in 2017 and the period that I used is enough. They do not know anything about JAVA versions. They have just a prepared question list. Some basic technical JAVA, Spring & Hibernate questions. - What is a Spring Bean? - Spring Bean Lifecycle What are design patterns of a Spring Bean, What is REST? What are HTTP methods that you used? What is idempotency? The difference between JPA and Hibernate? a MANY to MANY example question.

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I try to answer all of the questions. I misunderstand lifecycle and many to many questions. You should say all of the HTTP methods. For example I do not say DELETE method and I could not answer idempotency. So that I failed. To answer to these questions in a quick way, there is a need to prepare before the HR call.

I was asked how I would investigate a slow request on a production environment in a step by step investigation process.

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Wo haben sie vorher gearbeitet?

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The assignment document was poorly described with few contradicting statements. When I pointed about the contradictions, the interviewer got confused himself. Then I told him about possible ways to go forward to clarify the requirements. Which he agreed at that time. So that I can continue on the assignment. After two days when I submitted the assignment in a professional way with so much love and I was proud of my solution. The interviewer rejected my application without giving any feedback on the assignment. Now after passing a few days I have a feeling that the interviewer had job insecurity and he didn't wanted to hire someone better then him. I don't blame him. I think the word of caution here is to never submit 100% working assignment to such companies. In fact its better to inject 1 or two intentional bugs in it. So that the interviewer doesn't feel insecure of you.

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why you are good person in this position

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Take-home coding test.

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Excel test, VLOOKUP, Mittelwert, Bewertungsdurchschnitt etc.

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Was möchtest du in Zukunft noch erreichen?

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