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Senior Software and Controls Engineer - Legged Robots wurde gefragt...13. Oktober 2021

Q2: Explain what an LQR controller is.

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A2: (Review your course notes from MPC to find the answer ;) )

Gecko Robotics

Localization problem for a robot in the featureless environment.

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I gave some ideas using presentation


Can you use GAN in supervised learning?

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GAN's are simply a a framework providing a technique for adversarial training of generative models. In fact the discriminator essentially is a supervised learning paradigm unless we use a more complicated architecture like introduced in the SeqGAN model where the discriminator goes through a policy gradient loop and the reward helps decide on the generated outputs probability. Similarly the generator architecture could involve anything from a simple supervised MLP or con nets like in DCGan or seq2seq lstms depending on whatever type of data one was generating. Weniger

Airspace Systems

So it takes a week or two to set this up. I go over. I do all the talking. No discussion of job responsibilities. It's kind of a show and tell on a proto. They walk me out the door and said we'll be talking, I'm scratching my head. Days go by and I hear nothing. We go into this cat and mouse game for weeks on salary negotiation. They come back to me after having to pester them about updates and then tell me that they don't have funds to hire this position now.

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Let me just tell you that the hiring process and apparently the financial situation is any indicator of the ability to develop a product that is competitive and robust your wasting your time. Do your research on the company, the employees past and present determine if you want to join this sinking ship. Weniger


Q1: What papers have you read recently (that pertain to robotics)?

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A1: Discussed some papers I had read for some algorithms I was implementing in my internship at the time I applied/interviewed. Weniger

Happiest Minds Technologies

1. About your career progress 2. Re- framework related question - like how retry scope work 3. Uiptah studio related Advanced question - How Selector work, properties of selector 4. manager mainly asked about multi tools and your flexibility, strength, accuracy.

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I answered all question calmly and clearly

Debug a python library that they modified.

Rethink Robotics

whiteboard coding C/C++

Optimus Ride

I signed an NDA so I cannot reveal specifics. For the role I applied to, the questions pertained to C++ programming, controls and motion planning.

Relativity Space

What was your best day and your worst day at work?

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