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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Senior qa engineer


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1. Normal Hr session 2. an automation task which should be submitted with 7 days

1- Test Pyramids 2- Agile Methodology 3- Mostly about CV and my experiences with different tools

● Based on the homepage and related pages of ​​, write 5 test cases that you think are the most critical for the quality of this web app. ● On the home page and related pages of ​​, you may find multiple bugs. Find out 1 bug that you think carries the highest severity. Describe it as if you are assigning it to a developer.

Part 2​: ● Create a simple java program with 2 methods. One method prints “Hello” and the other method prints “World”. Call these methods concurrently & asynchronously. That is, both methods are invoked at the same instant, not one after the other. So on console you should sometimes see “World Hello” and sometimes “Hello World” depending on which method is invoked first. Repeat these calls every 10 seconds and stop after 1 minute. ● Expected Result: On the console you should see 6 combinations, a mix of “Hello World” and “World Hello”

Describe how would you test a specific feature, what steps you would take, etc.

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