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Senior Product Analyst wurde gefragt...21. Juni 2018

coding challenge with live dataset in their coding environment

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events data, cleaning data, etc

In these sorts of interviews you really need to drill down and understand what the interviewer is looking for. A good way to simulate a real interview experience is to do a mock with one of the Quizlet Senior Product Analyst experts on Prepfully, rated super strongly on TrustPilot... Weniger


How would you handle an irrate internal customer during a business meeting?

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I would definetly keep my cool and act very professional and say... I understand your concerns. Please send me your issues in an email and I will make sure I set up a conference call so we can discuss them in further detail. Weniger

Good indication of behaviors that are common in this organization. No job is worth total humiliation. Weniger

Ford Motor Company

How are you with certain software applications

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I said was very good at understanding new software and new processes at how it works Weniger

Cleo (United Kingdom)

What key metrics would you propose to monitor over time to measure the success of the team’s efforts in improving user engagement/retention and why? Clearly define your metrics and present calculations showing patterns or trends as you see appropriate.

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I created to visualisations/dashboards for metrics I believed to be relevant. I got stuck at trying to calculate churn in my chosen visualisation tool and had to submit sql for this instead. Weniger


Do you find yourself more detailed when documenting or less detailed and more collaborative?

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I said collaborative but that's not what they wanted. The want DETAIL

Selective Insurance

Why I left my current role

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I preferred to get back into the product management side of insurance rather than marketing Weniger


Why I want to join Salesforce

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I want to work at this company because of the culture.

Apartment List

SQL: more advanced question about ranking user ids to determine when each customer entered the site for the first time. Then count how many first time entries where from what specific campaigns and define the % of first time entries by each category over total.

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I used the rank function in a CTE then pulled out when the rank =1 to denote the details about what type entry (referral) each customer had. I didn’t know how to count all the rows in the table and create the % in SQL so likely botched this question. I did say I’d just export to excel or tableau and take the counts / total for quick analysis. Weniger

Southern California Edison

Most of the questions are in the Tell us about a time multi-part format. Part 1: Describe the situation/project and your role in it. Part 2: Describe a challenge that existed (the interviewers will specify the challenge, it will usually be something like there was ambiguous direction, there were not enough resources, you had to work with difficult people. Part 3: Explain how you overcame the challenge. Part 4: What you learned/what you would do differently.

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This is what I endeavored to do when answering each part of the questions (see response to question above): Part 1: Provide a concise description of the situation/project, including purpose of project. Do not drone on and on with details. Be precise about your role. Part 2: Describe the challenge realistically without throwing anyone under the bus. Part 3: Describe the steps that you proactively took to resolve the issues. Do NOT mention an example that includes going over a colleague's head to their manager. You CAN mention examples where you went to the project's/department's managers/sponsors to give visibility to the issues/gain their assistance in resolving a problem that could only be resolved at their level Part 4: Show some humility but don't overdo it. Weniger

Vivo (CA)

Why do you want to join as data analyst rather than opting for coding jobs?

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Pursuing computer science as majors led me to the field of data science. I have worked with various organizations during my internship on data science. I realised during my internships that I can prosper and contribute to the growth of organization in a better way in data science rather than hardcore coding. Hence I wish to join Vivo as data analyst. Weniger

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