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technologies, not algorithms nor data structures

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How long it took to receive their process termination email. Was it right away or they took some time to respond?

2-3 days

What kind of questions they ask on the technical review of your solution? Best Regards

Tips for Coding Challenge:

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The second one was to providing a solution to fill a basket with the most valuable good under a budget.

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The first question was about boiling game board.

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What do you find valuable in a company

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General Java Questions, willingness to work with devops things, knowledge in german language and reasons for change etc

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What quality makes you unique in your current job?

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What is three most important thing in a team?

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How would you count a large list of integers? What can you do to improve speed? What are the options? Describe pros and cons of each solution.

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Programming questions and algorithms. Coding interview for almost 6-7 hours with ( three coding interview with three engineer) It was average interview. Java technology related questions and powerpoint presentation. I don't want to talk interview questions in more details.

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