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Microstrategy implement transformation object in which side ? analytic engine or sql side or other

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Could you please post other questions?

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Make recipe APIs for HelloFresh

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How to convert an Optional string to integer without throwing exception

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technologies, not algorithms nor data structures

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Given an array of numbers [1,3,3,5,9,4,1,10,9,7,2,7], Write a php function that will print numbers that are not duplicated in array. [5,4,10,2]

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I have been asked about Technologies, Clean Code, Software Architecture and more detail discussion on my resume and software architecture and also some challenging scenarios to be discussed. It took almost 2 hours

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What is Dependency injection

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1) Differences Struct/Class and Open/Public modifiers. 2) Definition and usage of GCD/Concurrency.

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Where we put the business logic in the MVC Design Pattern ?

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Directly code challenge as HOME thinks they are above candidates and don't want to waste their time by talking to candidate first.

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