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Senior Database Developer wurde gefragt...1. September 2014

How would you deal with a developer who writes bad code?

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I personally would offer advice and point at similar solutions. I would not be confrontational and sort it out at release time if it was really bad. Perhaps I might want to inform my manager but this is down to level of competence. Nobody is ever wrong in my book, it all boils down to experience. Weniger

Tell them "You see all those tasks we have outsourced to India? Do you want yours to be as well? Write better code" Writing readable code is essential, writing efficient code even more so. If a developer cannot do that properly, they need a good scare. Weniger

Camelot Integrated Solutions

What makes you feel you Are different from many programmers out

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Thinking Out of Box


The HR questions were standard questions about my overall experience. I talked with several members of the development team. There were not really any specific technical questions, but mostly overall descriptions of what the job would entail. The hiring manager did ask a few technical questions but they were fairly simple. The hiring process has since changed, at least in the group I was in. The process is much more strict and the interviews are much more technical.

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As indicated, questions were very simple


We have data that gets loaded once a week. With that in mind we have an application that clients enter search data in to and then SQL has to dynamically build a statement that has 25 different data points/relationships. It works fine, but takes upwards of 30 seconds to return the data to the client. You can not change the existing schema, but you can however add to it. Indexes are already present and optimized on all the different tables. What could you do to make this process much faster??

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Without being able to restructure the existing schema your only choice is to de-normalize the data. When the data gets loaded on that weekly schedule, also build a flat table so there are no relationships being built. Weniger

J.P. Morgan

Why do you want to work for JP Morgan Chase.

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It is one of the best banks to work for and believes in investing in cutting edge technology Weniger


Imagine implementing a Tic-Tac-Toe game with board size n rows and columns, how to check for a win after every move in O1 time?

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Came up with an algorithm whereby the board position can be looked up in an array which immediately tells if that position completes a line, or two partial lines. The line structures exist in a hash table and are updated incrementally with each turn. In this way the board can be billion x billion squares but the look-up time complexity to check for a win is still O1. Weniger

BNY Mellon

Plsql performane tuning techs

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Explain plan, sql trace, etc

Moody's Analytics

Specific questions on Data Migrations, Data Loads, Database tuning

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Use case based scenario with examples, tools and technologies solving the business problems, various approaches to solve the problem. Weniger

Unilog Content Solutions

1. Introduce yourself 2. What are your strengths and weakness 3. Why do you choose this role 4. How do you justify this position if we hire you 5. How you can automate the file processing 6. Tell me couple of scenarios where you have used the triggers 7. Write the general syntax for procedure 8. How do you implement equi-width histograms 9. Usage of aggregate functions 10. CASE vs DECODE with examples

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I answer all the questions in a very beautiful way with the perfect example from the previous experience. Weniger


Have you build custom Snowflake clusters?

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No, but I'm familiar with key clustering.

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