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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Senior data scientist


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Given the set of integers, find all the pairs that yields the specific sum.

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Mostly with the movement of the fingers that depicted the propagation of indices in the array.

The main portion of the interview is their HackerRank assignment. I was told I received the assignment for Data Engineers.

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I was given a task of finding if, giving a list containg integers (representing length of videos) , and another list containing time-slots, there was a combination of two videos that could fit ain a time-slot.

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What is the most important thing for the successful data project?

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How would you test a models performance in production?

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Very detailed interview journey and well organised. 1. Phone interview, screening. 2. Take-home test with Data Science and Machine learning tasks; that has a short deadline. 3. Long online discussion with lead scientist twice. 4. Onsite interview with a presentation and day session with the team. 5. Phone interview with C-level management.

1. Do you know Python? Would you like to teach us in nutshell? 2. If I were your client and want your master thesis to be implemented then how would you present the implementation? 3. Do you speak German?

Most of the technical interview was about the test assignment, there were also some general machine learning questions and a couple of things about testing your models and code

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