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Why would we need a Scrum Master? How would you involve the entire team in Scrum ceremonies?

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Having scrum master in useful for companies that need to address challenges as they appear which is increasingly imperative in a world where success depends on how well and how quickly you can meet end-users needs. How to execute the scrum basics to a team can make a big difference as a scrum master I must be a coach to my team and make them adopt the mindset and not only the practice so after that everyone in the team will be involved in all the ceremonies

Wie würden Sie den Kunden beruhigen?

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What are your salary expectations?

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What did you do in your previous roles?

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What does agile mean for you?

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Please illustrate on the whiteboard how you see an ideal Scrum Board

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Warum wollen Sie unbedingt zu Zalando?

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Welche Kommunikationsmodelle kennen Sie? Kennen Sie sich mit Prozessmanagement aus?

How long have you been working in your field, what are your experience with XY...

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