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Classic but the most important: in short I was asked to commit to a budget that I would have to achieve without knowing the company from the inside, and it would have to be an extremely agressive growth (double the revenues within one year). And if joining but not reaching it, I would be "out".

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I did not agree and explained my concerns which triggered some kind of agressivity. I suspect the management have been performing poorly in terms of sales and is now facing massive pressure from investors to grow sales. However you cannot let the competition start with 5 laps ahead and expect a race car pilot to commit to easily win the race...

Hello! First of all, we would like to thank you for sharing your experience with our selection process. Hereby I would like to give you some background to the whole process and the tools we use in it. For the sales positions in general, as any company, we are trying to get an understanding of the experience, skills capabilities, attitude and motivation of the candidates, as these are the predictors for future success in the job. We also use a so-called calibration interview form, which helps us to gather information on past track-records of the candidates in structured and comparable way. There are also indeed questions connected to how s/he would approach certain market segments, what network s/he has in a specific industry segment and based on that what revenue s/he would expect to generate - according to her/his current understanding of our solutions-portfolio. Nevertheless, in this second part we are more interested in the way of thinking, attitude, ambition-level and how the person would approach the overall job, rather than getting commitment to a certain sales figure , especially that we are also fully aware that at that point the candidate does not yet possess all the needed knowledge and information and solutions sales is a more complex modus operandi. Hence the mis-interpretation of the puropse of the questions might have created the wrong impression in this particular case, however, we still find this structured and calibrated way of interviewing as very useful and telling, especially in joint use with our other selection tools for this positions, e.g. Sales Achievement Predictor, since they cross-validate each other and provide quite good predictable data for decision making.

One of the first questions during the first phone call was a question about the salary expectation, after which informed me that it is too much, that the company offers x amount for this position and if I am interested in proceeding with the recruiting process.

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“Sell us the best travel you had.”

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Why did you choose to apply to a start up?

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Erzählen Sie etwas von sich?

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Welche Kontakte kann man mitbringen? Welches Gehalt hat man bisher verdient (mit Gehaltsnachweis)? Wieviel Reisetätigkeit verträgt man?

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F: sind ihnen lange Autofahrten nicht zu langweilig?

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Simple basic questions trough the different peoples. -Who are you? -Your experiences? -Why us? etc... Some people's empathized a lot on negative experiences questions: Not sure why!! -What is your most negative experience? -If I call your boss now, what bad thing would he tell me about you? -What scares you? -Why just short time here and here? I was expecting a more challenging questioning like: -How would you plan your daily, weekly, monthly routine? -What do you understand about our solution and various industries this could be applied? -Prepare a case study? A presentation? Here is an issue we facing, come up with a solution!

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Warum sollten wir gerade Sie einstellen ?

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