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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Sales


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The interview started off with questions about what I knew about the company, why I applied for this position and what I wanted to accomplish in the future if I stay in the company. also, my weaknesses and strengths. Pretty standard questions, until a storm of personal questions about my private life, were asked, made me feel uncomfortable and quite frankly non-of the company's business. My readiness and commitment were questioned because apparently, one can't have it one way or the other (Private vs. Work). Dividedness was clear between the two managers and it showed significantly during the trial days which I was asked to do before deciding whether or not to offer me employment, which thankfully didn't happen. Very unprofessional, aggressive and snobby management. They treat employees, who are very diverse and interesting actually, very poorly and with little respect.

Standard interview questions at first, for example, why are you applying for this job? what are your strengths and weaknesses, etc,... However, then a load of personal questions that I felt was too aggressive. However, I was asked to come in for three-day trial work. It was absolutely horrible, you don't know who exactly is in charge, apparently, it too much of a family business and completely unprofessional going around and acting like they are home, management treats employees poorly and with little to no respect at all + two huge dogs running around the office and just making a mess and noise that its very difficult to concentrate.

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Overall standard questions regarding my leadership style, values, how I would tackle the job, and how I would develop the team etc.

Was asked to prepare for a case using Passport, engaged in a role play where hiring managers were clients.

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