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Wenn der Schokoriegel Mars eine Person wäre, wie wäre Sie?

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Mars: female, sensual, erotic, passionate but down to earth in daily life

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Mars als Person wäre übergewichtig (analog zum hohen Fettanteil), hätte einen schlechten Charakter (analog zur niedrigen Qualität der verwendeten Zutaten) und es gäbe eine eklatante Diskrepanz zwischen Eigenwahrnehmung und Selbstwahrnehmung (analog zu dem Bild wie Mars sich in der Werbung präsentiert und wie es von vielen Kunden eingeschätzt wird).

I had read a lot in glassdoor and other websites what they usually ask. But I forgot the simplest question to think well about, and that was why I like the specific field of chemistry that I have studied and I want to work in that area. It is a simple question, but believe me, if you never thought about it, in some words that will convince public and scientists, it will be challenging to answer. The second thing I did not expect, and also not read in the interview-reports that I studied so far, was the end part of the interview when they asked me I can ask my questions if I have. I could ask a better and more intelligent question if I had thought about it.

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Mostly technical / coding questions with limited time to answer, talk about past projects (with techncial depth), almost no questions with respect to data science (statistics, ml, math, modeling ...)

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Tell me about yourself.

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what could be your potential contribution to our group?

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Sample code in Python. I am now 21 and my daughter 7, when will I be double the age of my daughter? Example of collaboration issues on previous workplace...

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Tell us about yourself.

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Durch meine zuvor abgeschlossenen Bachelor an selbigen Lehrstuhl, ging es mehr um die eigenen Ziele.

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If we asked your best friend, what would she say about you? What are you good at and what could be better?

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