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Mostly technical / coding questions with limited time to answer, talk about past projects (with techncial depth), almost no questions with respect to data science (statistics, ml, math, modeling ...)

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Could you provide some examples of the coding tests?

What kind of coding questions in first round?

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unqualifizierte Frage zu einem scheinbaren Artefakt in einem Messprotokoll

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Explain your most recent research and methodology used

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I was asked everything about my resume, about programming languages, difference between python and c++. Statistics basics. It wasn't difficult , to be honest, but I would have liked to be prepared a bit. Also, I was asked about algorithms of which I don't have a strong background as it's not my field. So I didn't perform well there. I thought they will not focus on machine learning in the first interview as it's not as a skill in my CV, though I did mention that I am interested in it.

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Standard fragen wie berufliche Laufbahn etc. Keine tiefgreifenden Fragen zu Konzepten hinter ML/ Data Science oder Mathematik.

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What are the technical aspects of certain experiments you have been involved in

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I was given a task of finding if, giving a list containg integers (representing length of videos) , and another list containing time-slots, there was a combination of two videos that could fit ain a time-slot.

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Erzählen Sie mir was Sie als Mensch ausmacht (Stärken, Schwächen, Characktereigenschaften)

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Wie viel Patente hat IBM im Jahr 2014 eingereicht?

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3rd onsite interview: Only behavioral questions

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