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Was tun sie bei ihrem aktuellen Arbeitgeber ?

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Gykwls djdh dkepemsndk

The interviewers are clearly diversity hires, the “manager” had no clue what she was doing and the other interviewer couldn’t even be bothered to make his bed.

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Mother tongue test

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I was asked about my development experience in Java - which was not one of the listed requirements of the post - I explained my experience in Object Oriented development in other programming languages - but she seemed somewhat disinterested or not to understand the relevance once she realized that my pure Java skills were not very advanced.

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How do I see myself in five years?

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It took an hour, they asked in detail about your CV with examples and very friendly after the interview they took me for a tour of the office.

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Warum bewerben Sie sich bei einem Unternehmen, das genau diese Art von Spielen produziert? (Die Frage zielt darauf ab, welche Erfahrungen ich bei anderen Spieleherstellern gesammelt habe.)

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