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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Project Manager


Fragen aus Vorstellungsgesprächen für Project manager, von Bewerbern geteilt

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They were expecting project management knowledge which they did not mention before interview.

Tell us about your role in the company you are working at the moment? What are your tasks and responsibilities?

How do you ensure that stakeholders are satisfied with solution? (ensuring that requirements are met)

If we were to ask your friends, what example would they give us as your biggest flaw and your biggest quality.

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The question were to explain in detail about my work experience. I explained in detail my extensive work experience in the automobile industry. The interviewers seemed to be of low IQ. All they asked at the end of each of my project was what tools (Cad / project Management tools) i had used in these projects. I got an idea about their level of knowledge through this question that they have no knowledge what so ever. For a Project manager job they were offering a freshman's salary which is much lower by many times than my existing salary. I rejected the offer. They said they will get back to me. I do not think this company has any skilled recruiters or HR managers.

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