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Sometimes very specific to the position, like: "What are your experiences with B2B marketing so far?", "What's the difference between B2C and B2B content and wording?", "Where do you find inspiration for B2B marketing?". But also general questions like "Tell us about yourself." or "What are your hobbies?“

How did you hear about the organization? What makes you wanna join the organization? In what areas can you contribute with your expertise?

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Question for Klarna 12 000-15 000 applications every quarter (23rd December 2019) as per Klarna`s claim. let's say 10% move to the supervised logical test --> 1500 candidates -> 45,000 minutes > 31.25 days The automation can save 31 productive days of your supervisor, a 1.5 month more every year (? counting the working days). Still wondering why Klarna is so adamant about this supervised logical test. Practice or no practice one can get 4/18 wrong, how does this fare with someone who got only 2 or 3 out of 18 wrong ? Justified they can be better product managers? Any ideas anyone -- why Klarna invests a month of their HR's time on this amazing dot test?

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