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Task 1: Development Cycle and Prioritization Task 2: Building a one-year product roadmap Task 3: New Feature Task 4: Release notes Task5: Questionnaire

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Do you live in Hamburg and if not why do you want to move here?

How do you prioritise the user stories when you can't determine the short term value. Why Scrum and not Kanban? Which are the best ML tools/algos which can be used in Search?

Explain your preferred technical approach for matching consumers with customers using the current team.

Sind sie verheiratet, haben Kinder oder sonst irgendwelche Verpflichtungen?

Nach der Präsentation wurde unter anderem gefragt wie man herangegangen ist um die User Stories zu entwickeln. Es geht um Methodiken und Arbeitsweise. Nach welchen Kriterien wurden die User Stories/ Anforderungen priorisiert?

CTO asked me if I like rains, and I said not really. He then told me I should be thankful to see water here as my country will be drought ridden in next few years. He then told me if ever you have an idea never think that noone ever thought of it and jump or share it, you should wonder why it was not implemented that there is some issue with your thought process.. all this in an interview and many more. Please stay away.

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