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How would you improve the booking funnel in terms of acquisition /engagement/retention?

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Regarding personal development, what's your ideal way of giving / receiving feedback?

“Imagine you’re taking the management of a Hostel in Berlin. What would you do to double your revenue in 3 months?”.

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“One employee comes to you and tells you: if we reduce the price of our rooms by 20%, we can increase the number of customers by 30%. Question: would the idea of your employee be worth it?”

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Oh, so you dropped out of college...?

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do you know that if I you leave you company to join us, there will be no more possibility for you to go back there in the future? you will have hundreds of other opportunities but not to your current company ... are you aware of this?

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They asked a lot about my past experience and which important milestones I reached. I can only recommend to have your professional successes/milestones/projects prepared to answer with real examples from your professional experiences. Stick to the STAR technique!

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How do you setup a product vision ? (The question that I failed. I know this from my feedback)

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What was the occasion when you had experience the biggest difficulty through your career

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Asked me to prepare a presentation on some analysis I have completed in the past.

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