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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Product lead


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What is your design process

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How do you usually collaborate with other designers

Please come up with a new concept and rough mockup design for our homepage, keeping in mind that 65% of our users are mobile users. • You can choose one section that you would like to improve (e.g. just the header) • The design mock-up does not have to be pixel perfect (you should spend maximum 1 hour on the task) • Please document your thought process – e.g. what do you think of the current homepage? What are your hypotheses? What would you like to test further? • Feel free to be creative with your ideas!

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Why do you want to work for N26? (I was asked this 3 times in the end)

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Tell me about your design process

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The person in HR and not product person stated: It would be great if you could write down your thoughts in whichever way you prefer (bullet points or so) until the end of the week and then we can set up a call with [PM Name] for you both to catch up.

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- common questions related to proffesional background - different possible scenarios related to future role and how I would handle does in real life - different tests to make sure the mindset is the one they look for - IQ tests

Please identify 5 areas of improvement (within a certain area of the product) and 3 of your own suggestions for new enhancements. Explain in detail, including how you would improve the features indicated and what risks your suggested opportunities might incur. How would you mitigate those risks?

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