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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Producer


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experience in vfx, salary expectations, availability, knowledge of us studio workflow

Draw up a pitch for a new game/IP you want to present to upper management?

Problemschilderung und Lösungen vorschlagen, probe von den Kandidat Denkprozesse. Fragen zu vorherige Projekte und Relevanz für diese Rolle. Dazu auch Fragen wegen die Entscheidung für Interesse an ein bestimmte Bereich.

Who do you know at the networks? - What kind of show would you suggest to a given certain network? - Who would you hire as a writer to create this show?

They asked me to introduce myself in my own words, my weaknesses and if I want to present about the projects I've done

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Where would you see company X sitting on the industry value chain?

why did you apply for more than one position? DO you want to know more about zalando?

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