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There were tons of questions on a variety of subjects. Some of the interviews turned out to be more along the lines of what someone hoped I would bring to the position given my extensive work history and experience, and very strong management skills, but had nothing to do with the job description. It seems they wanted someone who was good with software, but could also be a buffer between sales and engineering, and solve some of the friction that is causing. Some of the interviewers used the time to vent about their problems, which I thought was very odd. One of them asked me software questions that required me to analyze an algorithm on the spot, which I thought was very odd, since the opening was not for a software engineer. In the end I didn't get the offer because they thought my software skills were "rusty" even though I told the hiring manager I would need a bit of time to refresh my knowledge and he was OK with that.

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I answered honestly every question thrown at me, which ranged from software algorithms to how to deal with a customer who is blocking a sale at a low level in the reporting structure.

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