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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für PhD Student


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Any Physics principle which is applied to biology with example? What are the factors on which the resolution of a microscope depend? How many water molecules are there in water bottle in front of u? what is gene expression? what is p-value and overfitting of the data?

why do you want to work on this project? how does your previous experience relate to the position?

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- which programming languages are you the most proficient in? - explain your understanding of probabilistic model checking - how would you approach a certain scientific problem (problem was given)

that were science and project related questions. I gave a presentation, was asked questions, then had an excursion in the lab, communicated with the future co-workers about their topics

What do you find appealing in this project? How long to you expect to do your PhD? Are you afraid of mathematics? Are you prepared to run your project independently?

Wie würden Sie die Aufgaben als Doktorand angehen und vorbereiten? Wie ist Ihre Arbeitsweise.

Tell me about your research projects. Why you would like to do a PhD with us. Where are you working? Have you had good marks at your University?

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