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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Performance marketing


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When entering a new market, how would you structure your Facebook Account and what tests would you set up?

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I would set up a Prospecting and a Remarketing campaign targeting relatively broad in terms of gender, age, placements, devices, etc. to determine what works well and what doesn't. After the initial learning phase has been completed, I would analyse the performance by gender/age/placement/etc. and narrow the targeting. In terms of tests, I would check what creatives and ad copies/USPs perform best and what kind of landing page yields the best results.

Most of the questions related to Last mile logistics ( position related). There was some brainstorming and situational based questions.

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How would you optimise a social media campaign that's not performing well? What KPIs would you check and how would you go about?

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Too many to be listed here.

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What are the most important skills a performance manager must have

Question related to Affiliate Marketing (how I can find more affiliate network to collaborate them?), What kind of experience I have in Online marketing channels - paid social, paid search, affiliate marketing

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