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May I ask how old the the applicant is?

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I did not answer this question

What were your selling techniques to approach your customers in your last job?

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Eine Situation in der Sie gescheitert sind (das mehrfach) Eine Situation in der Sie besonderen Erfolg hatten

HR interviews involved basic questions, give me an example of how you embody our core values, strengths, weaknesses etc. Virtual interview with one of the Teamleads had standard questions, explain what you can/cannot impact within this role, what are key advantages to a brand if they onboard with Zalando etc. Interview with Head of Department & Teamlead involved a case study which they sprung on me without actually advising this was a step. Questions incl. analyse data sets, look at performance on this sheet and tell us if it is good/bad etc (20min to do the case study).

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