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Painter IV wurde gefragt...7. September 2016

Can you paint

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Morgan Corporation

Why do you want to work at Morgan.

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I have a family responsibility first and for most, and I hear nothing but great things about Morgan. So I think I would be a valuable asset to this company. Weniger

I have a family (3 children) to support on my own. While I have lots of help with caring for my youngest daughter (9), I don’t receive any child support for any of them. I have heard wonderful things about Morgan, and the commute is pretty short. I believe that I could be a valuable asset, even if it is temporary. Weniger

College Pro

Have you painted before?

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Many times, yes. Live in the country with out building that needed painting.

Yes I painted my house and sOon will be painting my rOom... I have also painted a new office for my job. Weniger


How long have you been painting?

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I have been painting since 2008 to present. I have 13 years of experience.

Painting since 2012


Are you willing to do stuff that is not industry standard?

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Did I know how to paint & use a conventional sprayer.

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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

what is your motivation?

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i am very result driven. doing good job and achieving the desired end results is my primery motivation. i enjoy working on a project on my own. working in a team. i like take on challange,like to rise to the challenge as part of the team efforts. Weniger

Glastonbury Public Schools

They asked if I had past jobs that related to this job.

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They also asked if I was a hard worker and how would I describe myself.

What kind of experience do you have

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Just be real thorough and truthful about experience and skills

Can you paint many types of things

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Yes I am able to paint many things

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