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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Operations Manager


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What is your German language knowledge?

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I told Interviewer that my German is advanced intermediate and that I am in EMBA program after that she terminated conversation immediately saying N26 is looking for someone with native German (nothing said in job description) and who can dedicate 100% of time to the job (my CV clearly was saying I am in EMBA program). What a waste of time!

What you know about the position?

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Functional skills mainly

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Tell me about yourself and your experience.

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Die Fragen sind sehr auf die Leadership Principals ausgerichtet

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What if someo e wants to do something that is out of the normal process.

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What is working capital?

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Any final questions?

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why do you want to work for our bank?

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How would you optimized a campaign

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